PhineasxFerb (also known as Phinferb/Phinerb) is a non-canon pairing between the beloved step brothers themselves.

PhineasxFerb Hints/TheoriesEdit

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Note: There aren't many hints in episodes, with them being brothers and all.
  • Though there is a moment during episode 'Comet Kermillian', while the brothers are building their daily contraption, in which Phineas playfully taps Ferb's behind, causing him to accidentally fire a giant laser (sub-text?).
  • In the episode ' The Lake Nose Monster ' there is a scene where they are holding hands. pic
  • There's a theory that Phineas is not really love-oblivious whenever Isabella tries to show him her feelings, but that he's just not interested in girls like Ferb is; this leads to more of a one-sided PhineasxFerb relationship that could probably start developing sometime after the series, when they become a little older.
  • Opposite to this, another theory suggests that whenever Phineas starts paying attention to Isabella, this will cause Ferb to develop a strong jealousy towards her, as well as an overprotective urge to keep Phineas by his side (not necessarily romantic, but still highly slashable).
  • The usual excuse given for this pairing when questioned for being incestuous is that, after all, Phineas and Ferb are not at all related by blood, altough it IS possable for some step siblings in real life to fall for each other.
  • In the 2011 Comic Con, whether it was intentional or a freudian, a question from a fan asked the creators if Phineas and Ferb will ever kiss in one episode. After several seconds of talking, Dan Povenmire answered casually, "I'm fairly sure Phineas and Ferb are never gonna kiss," with Vincent Martella protesting (in Phineas' voice), "Wait, wait, what do you mean fairly sure?!"
  • In the episode 'Candace Gets Busted' Ferb says "When we get our own place it will be like this everyday" refering to the "intimate get together" candace threw.
  • In Mind Share Phineas and Ferb dance together.
  • Second time both brothers hold hands in Mind Share. (when worlds collide)

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Revived (Warning: Death and Body Horror)

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